The NHS Next Stage Review

 2nd Health Service

England’s National Health Service (NHS) is under review: The ‘Our NHS our future’ review.
The NHS is England’s publicly-funded healthcare system, providing the vast majority of healthcare in the UK, which is based on clinical need and not the ability to pay.
The Review provides an opportunity to ensure that the future of the NHS is clinically led and can meet the challenges of delivering healthcare over the next decade.

As a key component of the Review, on the 21st of November there will be an International Clinical Summit on pathways to care, where 1500 invited clinicians and physicians will be meeting in real life in London.
But you can follow the meeting in Second Life or via the webcast.
In Second Life you will be able to register your own opinions and meet and chat with the speakers.

This SL event will mainly be of interest to healthcare professionals, both within the UK and internationally.
Our Second Health Auditorium can accommodate up to 50 avatars. If there is sufficient demand we will open a second auditorium, and you can always follow the Summit’s live webcast outside SL if we are over-subscribed. Text chat will be logged, and we may record video and audio portions of the in-world event for later playback.

Dates and times
Greenwich Mean Time
21 November 2007, 14:20-18:45

Second Life Time (GMT-8)
21 November 2007, 06:20-10:45

LOCATION : National Health Service

If the main auditorium is full, the overflow auditorium is at:

To take part in the text chat with speakers in the main auditorium,
you will need to join the Second Health London group.
This will be explained at the overflow auditorium.

14.20-14.30    Welcome  and opening the event (CMO)
Overview of SHA engagement events (David Nicholson)

14.30-14.45    Objectives of the NHS Next Stage Review

14.45-15.00    Setting the scene – how to move the needle on health and health outcomes

15.00-16.00    Speaker Session One: High quality care across a healthcare system
David Levine from Montreal
Jack Cochran from Kaiser
Table discussion & questions

16.00-16.30    Tea Break (break in webcast)

16.30-17.30    Speaker Session Two: Examples of integrated care systems from abroad
Dr Schwartz from Westchester
Prof Schulte from Polikum
Table discussion & questions

17.30-18.30    Speaker Session Three: Examples of integrated care systems from UK
Dr O’Kelly from Tiverton
Dr Ian Rutter from Bradford
Table discussion & questions

18.30-18.45    Wrap up

If the event is oversubscribed, or you can’t access SL, you can view the live webcast at

For more information about the International Clinical Summit, including the agenda, visit

Source : Dave Taylor

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