World AIDS Day 2007 at HealthInfo Island

About the World AIDS day:

The official sites : &

The events

WorldMapper : The shape of global causes of death

  1. HIV Prevalence map
  2. HIV/AIDS Deaths map
  3. Condom Use by Men map
  4. Condom Use by Women map
  5. STDs Excluding HIV Deaths map
In Second Life :

The Healthinfo Island Blog : Here is the month before…

The HIV/AIDS information resources

HIV/AIDS program

A lot of information about this event of global importance on HealthInfo Island:

SLURL: Healthinfo Island (79, 111, 23)

  • Special displays and newsfeeds on HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS Walk with information about HIV/AIDS Support Groups in SL
  • Podcasts on AIDS by the CDC in the Podcast Globe
  • Quality information resources, including search tools
  • All information is available all day and will stay for at least a week.

Take the Lead

Workshop : “Looking for Health: Finding Quality HIV/AIDS Information
by Carolina Keats, 09.00 AM SL Time

  • See what others are doing in SL on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health
  • Guided tour around the Island
  • Live coverage of Teen Grid Event

International events


Organised by the HealthInfo Island Groups:

  • Consumer Health Library,
  • SL Medical Library,
  • Heron Sanctuary & Accessibility Center, and
  • the University of Plymouth Sexual Health SIM


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