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The New York Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Meetup

[15:45]  DoctorAnn Buchanan:    After my brief introduction,  one of the AMMC students, Vera Zhaoying will give a short talk about the impact of SL and the AMMC on her medical training. We are very fortunate to have Vera as … Continue reading

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First hospital replica

 Yes on more “First” … But it’s good to see a mix between mirror worlds, like Google Earth and Second Life. Remember “Second Earth“. This new hospital of Second Life is coming soon on a new sim above the Play2train … Continue reading

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Inauguration de l’espace AIDES : discours de Claude-Ester …

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Finding Quality HIV/AIDS Information

Notes from World AIDS Day Workshop given at Healthinfo Island, Second LifeDecember 1, 2007 MEDLINEPLUS.GOV – MedlinePlus is a portal site to lots (and lots!) of top-quality resources created by national associations, such as the American Heart Association. – You … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day : AIDES campaign

AIDES : It’s AIDS, the need to exclude, not seropositive people.

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