The New York Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Meetup

[15:45]  DoctorAnn Buchanan:


DoctorAnn Buchanan

 After my brief introduction,

 one of the AMMC students, Vera Zhaoying will give a short talk about the impact of SL and the AMMC on her medical training. We are very fortunate to have Vera as a student and her visions for the center. She has developed the AMMC Women’s Health Center, both for RL patients and for Medical training.

 I also will be introducing Davis Stastny, the Sprott-Shaw College manager and without whose wonderful assistance the AMMC would not exist as it does today. Sprott-Shaw has supported the vision so completely and I would, personally, like to thank Davis and the College President for their vision and assistance in the development of this training program. Davis will be speaking to you in a few moments about the utilization of SL from a college perspective.

Lastly, I have asked Randal Moss of the American Cancer Society to give a discussion of the opportunities available for organizations like the ACS within SL.  he ACS has an area within SL, which is utilized by many, many cancer survivors.

Poppy Zabelin was going to be speaking to you on behalf of the Cancer Survivor group. Unfortunately, something occurred at the last moment and she was forced to change her plans.


The amphitheater

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