AMMC first intern meeting (part 2)

It’s about the first intern meeting /exercize part 2 at the Ann Myers Medical Center.

DCIS @ AMMC intern meeting

It was about many things unknown of a pharmacist like me. Ans with my lack of english practice it was hard to follow the discussion / read the chat.

Well, I take some snapshots, now put on Flickr, and do my best to take the chatlog in a file. So was particulary quiet.

It was from 10 AM SL time to 1:30 PM !

The first part of the exercise was a week before.
In the first part a patient was presenting several symptoms,
and was quickly stabilized and treated by the interns on call.

Patient now in stable condition was ready for the second part of the exercise :

DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), in french : carcinome canalaire in situ.

DCIS @ AMMC intern meeting

DCIS @ AMMC intern meeting

Intern meeting AMMC (uncomplete) Chatlog (pdf _ 21 pages)

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