West Palomar Hospital : my visit

I have read about this project that it is a waste of money and necessarily of time and energy. Well, we need to remember what Aimee Weber say about Second Life : “it’s a theme park”.

east view

Here the theme is a “healthcare hotel”. It’s like the Aloft hotel experience : a test and demonstration 3D space.

Map of the sim / the hospital

The sim and the building are designed. Of course, the car park is too small. They are always too small. But the map is studied. Looking at, it is obvious that it’s a copy of a (in construction) real building. I love the access for the heavy lorries to the logistic services and the pharmacy. Well done !

Scan in the ward

Scan at the bed in the patient room

The EMR on the wall

The Electronic Medical Record on the wall

Inside the hospital, the spaces to visit are limited to the hall, the patient room, and an examination room. That’s enough for the demonstration.

PalomarWest Hospital RFID Wrist Band

The Palomar West Hospital RFID Wrist Band

The visitor is guided during all his visit since the moment he wear the “Palomar West Hospital RFID Wrist Band” on his left forearm. All is designed for demonstration and live experience and it’s well done.



The first time  I’m gone there, at the opening, I met Knoh Oh and MB Chevalier. A great pleasure.

PalomarWest Hospital

Next times I come, it was always someone on the sim visiting. 🙂 What I call a success !

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