Few things about 3D healthcare

No link with ‘2nd Life’, only some few cool things about 3D healthcare online. 


  • Games for Health 4th Annual Conference


This will be May 8-9, 2008 Baltimore MD.

A part will be of course about virtual worlds and health ….

Details of the core conference are at http://www.gamesforhealth.org


  • Sophia’s garden

Healing in Community™Online is a virtual world that combines the richness of real-life collaboration with online learning to help families of children with life-threatening and chronic conditions harness the power of community to address all of their needs.

A Flickr set, a Slideshare space, aaaand ….. an extension in a virtual world.

Is it There ? Need to investigate.

Click on the image for the video

 Click on the image to see the video.

Ref : http://www.sophiasgarden.org/


  • Mediteca – Medical Clinical Simulator 3.0

A spanish work : demo in flash online.




  • Pulse!   The Virtual Clinical Learning Lab

The most expensive serious game is a healthcare simulation of 
10 millions US$.


Here is the video of demonstration.

Not only expensive … impressive and beautiful !

Ref : http://www.sp.tamucc.edu/pulse/home.asp

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