Pharmacy Education in Second Life

According to TIMESonline, Virtual reality is the latest trend in medicine.

Scientific Research and Medicine are growing in Second Life.

Second Life & Virtual Worlds for Academic Healthcare & Education

It is possible to “play” with virtual patient.

Emerging Technologies in Nursing and Nursing Education

Virtual Nursing Education in Second Life

This is one of the areas that training for RNs is occurring in Second Life, a virtual world.
Students also apply theory by creating and manipulating 3D objects.
Planned meetings with the numerous support groups are used to increase the students awareness and empathy of those with health issues.
Students also experience real people with different cultures, nationalities, and languages in this virtual world

HUD are a great help to personnalize simulations in a global digital world.

Well … after, doctors, and nurses, it’s time to pharmacists to learn and practice in digital world. And the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Pharmacy have started a program.

The School of Pharmacy installation is on UNC V, but the sim is currently restricted to School of Pharmacy faculty and students.


Uskala Hidayat is the builder of the place.
Many thanks to him to let me access to this sim under construction.

Family practice center

The Family Practice Center is a clinical pharmacy center to educate patient to theirs chronical diseases like diabetes.
The machinima in the building is of a doctor patient interview.
There is also diabetes patient information , diabetes uizz, clinical cases.
More will come with a second level : a smoking cessation clinic.

Nearby, is the hospital with his Neonatal Care Unit. Another build in progress. 🙂


More in a Flickr album.

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