Amino World

Wednesday june 11th, 12 PM SLT, it was the unveiling of Andra Renard’s Amino World Exhibit on ACS Island.

Amino World (1)

Amino World is an interactive and educational display that helps students identify amino acid residues in proteins.

Amino World (3)

Each amino acid has a distinctive side chain (R group) with special functions in a protein. For example : lysine has an alkaline amine that helps a protein bind to the acidic phosphates of DNA.

The Amino World exhibit is organized in five peptides, each composed of four amino acids of related structure.

Amino World (5)

To identify an amino acid, click the button in the tower nearby, or click an R group within the molecule. The R group will announce its name and fly out at the avatar. The avatar can then manipulate the R group until it disappears (in one minute) or copy the R group into one’s own inventory.

To visit : SLURL


And … we have now easily proteins in SL with the  Hiro Sheridan’s Sculpted Protein Generator

Sculpted proteins


Ex : cholinesterase scupltie texture  


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1 Response to Amino World

  1. jdr20 says:

    The stuff that’s going up on ACS island looks really neat. This Amino World was a great beginning to what the Resident Scientists are creating – if you visit, look next to it in a few weeks (well, I don’t know when it opens) but there looks to be a full classroom/lab setup going in the skylab. Then you’ve got Hiro’s protein generator. These exhibits look very promising!

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