Modeling Healthcare Logistics

I love to see a new hospital (with an hospital pharmacy ! ) on the Agni Grid.

Overview of the hospital

View of the hospital

In this place, follow a robot running across the rooms of the hospital.

The robot

The robot

The project “Modeling Healthcare Logistics in Second Life” (6 pages – 5,29 Mo – May 2008 ) is here.

The SLURL is here. The website is here. The press  release is here. A blog post about is here :

“Dubbed ‘Razorback Hospital’, it’s purpose isn’t clinical in nature, more a prototype of how technologies like motion sensors and RFID can assist the functioning of a hospital. It’s all about health logistics.”

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2 Responses to Modeling Healthcare Logistics

  1. healthcarelogistics says:

    this is really cool. I don’t see anyone implementing any of this for a long time unless they get a grant to do it with, but its still really cool.

    Healthcare Logistics…

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