links for 2008-10-22

  • The integration of 2D and 3D internet practices, the enhancement of life and work need virtual worlds standards. Without such standards an ernormous amount of time and efforts will be partly lost. There are perfect procedures to deal with standardization, now is the time to use them, so Dr Yesha Y. Sivan (Shenkar College Software) told us during the second day of the Virtual Worlds London conference.

    ITEA2 is a industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D program that bring together partners from industry, universities and research institutes in strategic projects.
    “The Metaverse1 project will provide: a standardized global framework enabling the interoperability between Virtual worlds (as for example Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU, Active Worlds, Google Earth and many others) and the Real world (sensors, actuators, vision and rendering, social and welfare systems, banking, insurance, travel, real estate and many others)”, so the Metaverse1 website explains.

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