A Virtual World as a Healthcare Information Platform

A panel presentation on the use of SL in
healthcare will be featured at the American Medical Informatics
Association (AMIA) fall meeting.

A description of the meetings can be
found here
http://symposium2008.amia.org/ .

Here is the abstract for the panel :

A Virtual World as a Healthcare Information Platform

Daniel B. Hoch, PhD, MD 1, (organizer), John Lester 2, Ramesh Ramloll, PhD 3,  and

Daniel Z.  Sands, MD, MPH 4, (moderator), James Kinross, MD,5, David Taylor, MD 5

1 Massachusetts General Hospital,
Boston, MA,

2 Linden Lab, Cambridge, MA,
3 Idaho State University,
Pocatello, ID,

4 Cisco Systems, Boston, MA,
5 Imperial College, London,

Online virtual worlds such as Second Life allow users to create
elaborate multidimensional content and provide a rich environment for
social interaction, simulation, and information sharing. Second Life is
not the only virtual environment of its kind but is the most popular.
Its “residents” already use for health-related activities. There are
support communities for many diseases. Therapists with real-world
credentials offer counseling. Health educators provide education
through rich media interactions and health care organizations are able
to test new hospital configurations and services.  This panel will
explore the power of this relatively new platform. Lester will provide
an overview and differentiate virtual worlds from traditional
platforms. Ramloll will show how simulation of a mass casualty disaster
uses the immersive quality of the virtual world. Sands will describe
how a virtual hospital can be used to familiarize future patients and
providers with the physical qualities and technological innovation of a
real world hospital presently under construction. Hoch will describe a
medical intervention which can be delivered in the virtual world.
Finally, Taylor and Kinross with describe the many ways this world is
being used in the United Kingdom.

For those of you who would like to
attend In World, the panel will be at 8:30 AM on Tuesday, Nov 12 in the
conference center on the Center for Connected Health island.

Washington DC (U.S.A. – District of Columbia) mercredi 12 novembre 2008, 08 h 30 m 00 UTC-5 hours EST
Los Angeles (U.S.A. – California) mercredi 12 novembre 2008, 05 h 30 m 00 UTC-8 hours PST
Paris (France) mercredi 12 novembre 2008, 14 h 30 m 00 UTC+1 hour CET

The SLURL of Connected Health.

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2 Responses to A Virtual World as a Healthcare Information Platform

  1. johnnorris says:

    Hi Daneel,

    That is super that this will be represented at the AMIA, and to have it open on SL is great.

    I wonder if they will be discussing Support Groups? I see that John Lester is a panelist and hope he can speak to this popular use of the SL virtual world.

  2. Namro Orman was there !

    IMperial College London Talk at AMIA 2008

    Event photos on Facebook

    Vidéos :

    1) Highlights of a Triage Exercise in Play2Train (VLE in Second Life)

    2) Second life designq

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