links for 2008-11-17

  • jumps over the layman-focused clutter on the
    internet to find only credible medical information for physicians.
  • Cross Reality, Dual Reality, X-Reality: all of these terms describe the recent work of an MIT Media Lab team to bring the virtual into the real and vice versa. So far, the X-Reality group has focused their attentions on Second Life; last year, its Shadow Lab project allowed the game's users to virtually check out real-life activity inside the Media Lab building in Cambridge. Later this month, the next X-Reality project goes live — and they've got big, wormhole-tunneling, reality-crossing plans for it.
  • The Lab's X-Reality Working Group explores the fluid merger of "real" and "virtual" worlds, looking broadly at "cross reality" at several levels of scale. Researchers will develop innovative, core technologies that go well beyond mimicking physical spaces in virtual landscapes, and will architect new platforms and environments that seamlessly scale, from ambient to immersive, the blend between virtual and real.
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