World AIDS day: the french expo

Reminder : On December 1, 2008 Second Life will participate in World AIDS Day by opening a new sim devoted entirely to HIV/AIDS outreach and support.  The name of the new sim is Karuṇā.

Anis & Carolina @Karuna.png

Here are Anisette Indigo and Carolina Keats @ Karuna sim

The french expo is hosted by Le Parc des Arts @ Merien sim on the Agni Grid.

It is part of the World AIDS Day event in Second Life.

The boss of this expo is Anisette Indigo. Don’t hesitate to post a notecard at the expo for any questions related.

EXpo entry Merien-le parc des arts_004.png : a SL/RL association for arts

Expo-overview-Merien-le parc des arts_002.png 

An overview of the expo

  Hall-Parc des arts_@MERIEN.png

Inside the gallery


HIV model-Parc des arts_@MERIEN.png

A close look at the enemy


SLlogo for Aid awarness day-Merien-le parc des arts_003.png

SL look ready for the AIDS awareness day. 🙂


To visit, please use this SLURL :


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