Therapy and the metaverse : article and event

Mark Kizelshteyn is Chronos Laval inSL. He is a virtual world researcher currently working with Popcha!, a media technology company, on virtual world healthcare initiatives.

The article

He is pleased to announce the publication of his article, Therapy and The Metaverse: Second Life and The Changing Conditions of Therapy For Convalescent and Chronically Ill Users, in Washington University’s Undergraduate Research Digest.

Therapy and the metaverse

A professionally edited article based on the thesis was published this month in Washington University Undergraduate Research Digest.

Click Here to download a free copy of the article Therapy and Metaverse.

This study examines the therapeutic utility of 3D Massively Multi-User Virtual Environments (MMVE’s), specifically Second Life, for convalescent and chronically ill users. Three major therapy related simulations within Second Life are examined: Dreams, a space for people with autism and neurological conditions; the Heron Sanctuary, a disability haven; and Wheelies, a disability themed nightclub. Since this is an abridged version of my study, only one of the five case studies will be examined as a representative account of virtual therapy. Two main results surfaced through examining the three spaces and their users: a new form of complimentary therapy and a relationship between ‘virtual’ and ‘real’ well-being has been established. The first point explores how virtual worlds provide therapy forms outside of traditional and formalized setting with a medical professional or facilitator. The second point considers how virtual activities and therapies intersect with ‘real’ physical and emotional reactions. This research sheds light on a new frontier of therapeutic activities that facilitate a psychological and physical rehabilitative process through the social virtual environment Second Life.

To see the full journal, Click here.
To purchase a full copy of the academic thesis, Click here.

Link to Article :

The event

To mark the occasion, on January 22nd at 1 – 2 SLT (PST), Chronos Laval will be doing a brief talk on some of the major themes that were illuminated during the research process. And most of all, he would like to meet those of you I don’t know, answer your questions and start a long term dialogue about the immense opportunities in the therapeutic applications of virtual worlds.
The event will be kicked off by John Lester (Pathfinder Linden), who has been working tirelessly with Linden Labs to promote the healthcare applications of Second Life.

Pathfinder Linden (Image Flickr under CC by Hiro Sheridan)

This event will be hosted by Popcha! at their headquarters : SLURL
The event is under reservation : please ask before @ mark[at]popcha[dot]com . Optionally, with some words about who you are and what you are up to.

Paper Launch:

Therapy and The Metaverse :
Second Life and The Changing Conditions of Therapy For Convalescent and Chronically Ill Users.

:  Thursday, January 22, 1 – 2 P.M. SLT
Where:  Popcha HQ Sim – SLURL:

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