Pharmatopia : an international collaboration for an immersive learning simulation for pharmacy and pharmaceutical studies

First of all, the Pharmatopia project is an international collaboration :

  • Monash University – Australia, Malaysia, South Africa & Italy.
  • University of Queensland – Australia
  • UNC University of North Carolina – USA
  • Univeristy of Nottingham – UK
  • Keele university – UK

Pharmatopia want to be an Immersive Learning Simulation For Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Studies.


Pharmatopia is the name of the first sim builded of three :

  • Pharmatopia
  • Pharmatopia OS
  • Aesclepia


Pharmatopia is actually a closed access island.
The access is only available to member institutions.

The public opening access to the island will come in the future, but
that probably won’t happen until around the middle of 2009.

Under request, you can have a student guest account, that has access to Pharmatopia, but only for 30 days. All the details for this guest access, here.

Pharmatopia is made by 3DI developers :

Presentation of the Pharmatopia project by Dr. Ian Larson, Senior Lecturer

   A CALT podcast : Click to see and download the QT video (.mov) 27,9 Mo 14:37

The main information source :

Monash website 

Central area


Council Chambers


meeting place around the 3D map of the sim.



Under the Counsil chambers, a large place with a huge video screen.

Tabletting lab

The most interesting and detailed place of the sim.


Something like the NESIM project (Nursing education simulation) for pharmacy students : an amazing simulation.
Exhibitions and meetings are easy in Second Life but simulation using HUD are a next and higher step !

The webpage of the lab.

The virtual Pharmacy Tabletting laboratory : it’s all about Galenic.


The nine steps of the process

The video is produced by Radio Monash and CALT (CENTRE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING AND TEACHING), Monash University  : all the visit is explained.

Click to download this video (.mp4) 26,25 Mo 7:40

Women’s hospital of Greensboro

Last but not least, a work in progress of UNC is rez on the sim : the hospital of Greensboro.


First rezzed on UNC V : see this Flickr album


More photos on Flickr


Ref : Scienceroll

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