NHS Healthcare Innovation Day inSL

Imperial College London and the NHS Confederation would like to invite you to take part in an exclusive event that on previous occasions has been closed to members of the public – an opportunity to learn about and debate the most effective ways of adopting new technologies and innovative services and overcoming barriers and challenges arising in the process.

NHS auditorium inSL

The Embracing Healthcare Technology and Innovation Conference has been organized by the SDO Network and the NHS Technology Adoption Centre and will be broadcast to you live in SL directly from BMA House in London on Wednesday 11th February starting at 10.00 GMT – 2.00 SLT (arrive at 09.30 GMT for a video check).

There will be keynote speakers who will share evidence based management practice from real world experiences and the latest research knowledge in this area as well as break-out groups for discussion and feedback.

NHS auditorium inSL

Your questions will be posed to the speakers and panels in BMA House, and you are also invited to attend a break-out group in Second Life that will feed back into the RL conference.

If you would like to attend this event, please register at

The event will be held at this SLURL :

NHS auditorium inSL 

Further details can be found at http://www.nhsconfed.org/specialist/specialist-4446.cfm and this agenda :

  • 9.30 GMT – 1.30 SLT
    Meet & Greet and Sound Check
  • 10.00 GMT – 2.00 SLT
    Welcome & Introduction – Nigel Edwards, Director of Policy, NHS Confederation
  • 10.15 GMT – 2.15 SLT
    Introduction to NTAC work – Colin Callow, Lead Associate
    Introduction to SDO work – Ganesh Sathyamoorthy, Network Manager
  • 10.45 GMT – 2.45 SLT
    What are the management barriers to technology adoption in the NHS and how can they be overcome? – Professor Trisha Greenhalgh
  • 11.15 GMT – 3.15 SLT
  • 11.30 GMT – 3.30 SLT
    Real World Case Studies from primary and secondary care

What are the key management challenges when implementing innovative medical technologies?

– Brian Ibell, Assistant Chief Executive, Derby NHS Foundation Trust
– Dr Stuart Gold, Consultant Anaesthetist, Derby NHS Foundation Trust
– Sally Chisholm, Director, Lancashire and South Cumbria Cardiac Network

  • 12.15 GMT – 4.15 SLT
    Panel Discussion – Interactive voting
  • 12.45 GMT – 4.45 SLT
    Discussion (in Second Life only)

Leading sustainable implementation of new technology through evidence based management practice

• Developing cross professional networks
• Stimulating an innovation culture

  • 13.15 GMT – 5.15 SLT
    Feedback from SL discussion
  • 13.30 GMT – 5.30 SLT
  • 15.45 GMT – 7.45 SLT
    Feedback from RL and SL discussion and closing panel
  • 16.15 GMT – 8.15 SLT

Please note: This programme may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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