NMR spectroscopy game in Second Life

NMR spectroscopy is a great method to identify organic molecules and so most of the therapeutic active compound. Very useful in pharmacy.

The NMR spectrum viewer is a SL spectral viewing tool working on Second Nature sims.


NMR game

1O months later, this viewer is combined with the Orac molecule rezzer, and ChemSpider Open Data spectra.

Now it’s a game with 5 rounds: the NMR game !

Goal : Five times to find the right molecule of 5 corresponding NMR spectrum displayed

The game is set up on the American Chemical Society sim.

SLURL : http://slurl.com/secondlife/ACS/245/9/25

I LOVE this game ! It work fine.

NMR game (2) The top 15 lists

Reference : Chemistry activities in Second Life

For all details,  have a look at this great post :


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