Italian Resuscitation Council


The sim Irelore is the official land of the Italian Resuscitation Council, IRC. A land surely not much crowded by those who think Second Life could or should only be a game, but we suggest it the same, since it demonstrates that Linden Lab’s metaverse can be an instrument for important “real” learning activities and not just roleplaying.

It’s for medical doctor medicine hospital cardiac heart and lungs breath simulation.

A group of IRC is also active in Facebook. For information about both inworld activities and those on the social network site, try to contact Biancaluce Robbiani that of IRC Second Life place and is one of the points of reference.


Reference :

Irelore-188-11-32_001 Irelore-188-11-32_002

Irelore-188-11-32_003 Irelore-188-11-32_004

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