Monolith – a protein rezzer


This week-end, Monolith a new molecular rezzer has been presented at the 2009 Virtual World Best Practice in Education Conference.

It look like a well-known black box :

Monolith (5)

But it’s a rezzer working like show on this slide :

SL09 - ISTE, Molecular Visualization

A great work of Erich Bremer (the same name inSL ! –, Associate Director, Medical Informatics @ School of Medicine, State University at Stony Brook.

But this tool use TOO MANY prims ! It will be better to use it on an opensim !

Monolith (4)

The website of this tool :

Monolith (1)Monolith (2)

Flux The media of the sim link to :


SLURL : (6)

Give me the landmark ! little molecule…

References :

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