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Speech-Language & Hearing Science : Larynx Anatomy Test

[9:49] Blue Terminal: Hello Daneel Ariantho, thank you for taking the Larynx Anatomy Test (Blue arrow) [9:49] Blue Terminal: This test will make arrows appear around the Larynx in front of you. Fly around the Larynx, find the arrows of … Continue reading

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Assess and treat a patient with a chest pain

This is virtual medical simulation video in Second Life for RN training at Tacoma Community College by John Miller RN, ADN, BSN, MN (aka JS Vavoom) and MUVErs, LLC, . Instructions Nursing simulation assessing and treating a patient with … Continue reading

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Virtual pharmacy clean room

It’s great ! It’s virtual reality for pharmacy students. Not virtual world in this case. But I hope to see something like that soon in Second Life : a virtual clean room to practice preparations like chemotherapies. The article : … Continue reading

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Reaction : chemistry 101

    Reaction: Chemistry 101 is created exclusively for Aldrich by Madpea Productions in association with Orange Island.    Sigma-Aldrich is a leading Life Science and High Technology company. Their biochemical and organic chemical products and kits are used in scientific … Continue reading

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Respiratory medicine cases by Imperial College London in Second Life

First of all, the CNN video : [Doctors train in ‘Second Life‘ 1:11 A British med school is having students learn by treating virtual patients in the online world ‘Second Life’. Source: CNN | Added March 27, 2009] The … Continue reading

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