Respiratory medicine cases by Imperial College London in Second Life

[Doctors train in ‘Second Life‘ 1:11 A British med school is having students learn by treating virtual patients in the online world ‘Second Life’. Source: CNN | Added March 27, 2009]

Imperial College London

The Imperial College London Sim : his tower, his conference room, his sandbox and … his hospital

It’s this link for the visist : SLURL

First of all, you have to register online :

Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Pr Martyn Partridge :

is always at his desk.

Imperial College London

You can search the right diagnosis on 5 different patients.

First wash your hands, ask patients basis information, perform a first diagnosis (differential diagnosis), and next …

Imperial College London

perform some tests, new investigations for a final diagnosis :

Imperial College London

The results of the investigations of each patient are in dedicated rooms. Here is the Laboratory.

It’s 5 clinical cases :

  1. Pneumonia
  2. Anticoagulant
  3. Asthma
  4. Pneumothorax
  5. Lung cancer

It’s summarize in the Patient Management Area with some slides about this clinical cases:

Imperial College London

A very easy-to-use simulation : you are helped by a reminder (wear as a badge on you at the entry of this hospital) so you can know all the time at which steps you have taken a break.


Initial announcement :
Researchers pilot virtual clinic to help train doctors [6 march 2009]

References :

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