Virtual pharmacy clean room

It’s great ! It’s virtual reality for pharmacy students.
Not virtual world in this case. But I hope to see something like that soon in Second Life : a virtual clean room to practice preparations like chemotherapies.

The article :

Extract :

The simulator runs in a multiwall immersive environment at the Envision Center and will work on wall-sized panels and portable display systems, too. The equipment employs 3-D glasses and a wireless controller something like a Nintendo Wii’s to put users in the middle of the virtual world being projected and allow them to navigate and manipulate it. Head-tracking capability adjusts the view as a user looks around, or “walks” through, the environment, which is detailed down to the labels on the medicine bottles. The software also has been modified to run on desktop and laptop computers.

The virtual clean room was created from hundreds of digital pictures taken at Clarian Health Partners and Wishard Health Services in Indianapolis, in facilities compliant with USP 797, the federal regulation governing pharmacy clean rooms. The computer-graphics technology students also captured ambient sound and included it in the simulator.

Flying through the virtual pharmacy clean room

A fly-through video created by students at Purdue Universitys Envision Center for Data Perceptualization offers an overall tour of the virtual pharmacy clean room.

Working in the virtual clean room

Steve Abel, assistant dean for clinical programs, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Purdue University, directs a student as she explores the virtual clean room and its features, including some things that shouldnt be there.

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