Biomedical Data Visualization – Live Virtual Event Today

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Thursday, July 30, 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern – Green Phosphor, Ltd., specializes in using 3D platforms for dense data-visualization, working in bioinformatics, genomics and similar data-intensive disciplines. This week, they’re launching an online web-service – GlassHouse – to help others visualize and interact with data in social virtual worlds. Join us for a conversation with CEO Ben Lindquist and Art Keplar, Chief Scientist, and a hands-on demo of 3D dataviz applied in cancer research.
When: 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern, Thursday, July 30 (TODAY).
Where: Register on the web at – then participate via video/chat in our web-based conference center

Live in Second Life: The registration link, above, will let you create a Second Life avatar and download the Second Life client, dropping you directly in our 3D conference center when you start the client and log in.
If you already have a Second Life avatar: Please register above, giving your avatar name on the first page of registration (do not complete the second page, creating an avatar), then click this link to teleport directly:

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