3D Virtual Worlds for Health and Healthcare : a special issue of JVWR


Journal of Virtual Worlds Research


Vol 2, No 2: 3D Virtual Worlds for Health and Healthcare

Table of Contents
Editor’s Corner

Maria Toro-Troconis, Maged N. Kamel Boulos
1) Musings on the State of ‘3-D Virtual Worlds for Health and Healthcare’ in 2009

Invited articles

Constance M Johnson, Allison A Vorderstrasse, Ryan Shaw
2) Virtual Worlds in Health Care Higher Education
Abstract | PDF

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

John Robert Norris
3) The Growth and Direction of Healthcare Support Groups in Virtual Worlds
Abstract | PDF

Paul Krebs, Jack Burkhalter, Shireen Lewis, Tinesha Hendrickson, Ophelia Chiu, Paul Fearn, Wendy Perchick, Jamie Ostroff
4) Development of a Virtual Reality Coping Skills Game to Prevent Post-Hospitalization Smoking Relapse in Tobacco Dependent Cancer Patients
Abstract | PDF

Elizabeth Dean, Sarah Cook, Michael Keating, Joe Murphy
5) Does this Avatar Make Me Look Fat?
Obesity and Interviewing in Second Life
Abstract | PDF

Research Papers

Susan Toth-Cohen, Therese Gallagher
6) Development and Evaluation of Health and Wellness Exhibits at the Jefferson Occupational Therapy Education Center in Second Life
Abstract | PDF

Research-in-brief papers

Douglas R Danforth, Mike Procter, Richard Chen, Mary Johnson, Robert Heller
7) Development of Virtual Patient Simulations for Medical Education
Abstract | PDF

“Think pieces”

Rashid M Kashani, Anne Roberts, Ray Jones, Maged N. Kamel Boulos
8 ) Virtual Worlds, Collective Responses and Responsibilities in Health
Abstract | PDF

Maged N. Kamel Boulos, Inocencio Maramba
9) Pitfalls in 3-D Virtual Worlds Health Project Evaluations:
The Trap of Drug-trial-style Media Comparative Studies
Abstract | PDF

Vanessa Gamboa González
10) Towards a virtual doctor-patient relationship:
Understanding virtual patients.
Abstract | PDF

Editor-in-Chief’s Corner

Methal Mohammed
11) Cultural Identity in Virtual Reality (VR): A Case Study of a Muslim Woman with hijab in Second Life(SL)
Abstract | PDF

Annabel Jane Wharton
12) Shaping the ‘Public Sphere’ in Second Life: Architectures of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election
Abstract | PDF

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