Mayo Clinic in Second Life

Since end of march, Mayo Clinic had started a presence in Second Life with 2 islands and hosted events.

The Mayo Clinic’s island in Second Life includes conference facilities and a bookstore.
The not-for-profit medical practice holds regular talks and events
on diseases and illnesses for interested Residents.

It looks like in Real life …

Mayo Clinic hosted the first event in its conference center in Second Life on Mayo Clinic Island on Wednesday, March 31, 2010. The event was a lecture on colon and rectal cancer by Paul Limburg, M.D. in recognition of colon cancer awareness month. Here are some details.

Next in september, avatars will be able to attend to the Transform 2010 Symposium in the Conference Center :

Ref :

Mayo Clinic explores the virtual world of Second Life

Mayo Clinic to Host Colon Cancer Event in Second Life

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