MEdSim Magazine: the Journal for Healthcare Education, Simulation and Training

MEdSim is designed to promote the best and most advanced education and training practices for the next generation of healthcare professionals. MEdSim is written by professionals in medicine, simulation and training, who are recognised leaders with a lifetime of experience. Produced for a global audience, MEdSim will address the needs of medical practitioners, educators, and academicians. MEdSIM will feature innovative healthcare practice; the latest simulations developed to train different medical professionals at different stages of their education and curriculum advancement that highlight knowledge and skills attainment needed to ensure patient safety and reduce healthcare cost.

The Healthcare sector faces a real challenge due to the global shortage of trained personnel. The industry’s projected growth is higher than almost any other over the next ten years. This demand, compounded by the reduction in resident hours available to train, reduced government funding by regulators and increasing political and public awareness of medical errors will result in recognised demands for healthcare reform.

MEdSim is committed to helping improve patient safety through changes and improvements to healthcare education and training. It will do so by focusing on best practices and by promoting the appropriate use of new training technology as well as tried and tested approaches to the soft skills that need to be developed to ensure that healthcare professionals operate as an effective efficient team to reduce errors and cost.

The identification of the education and training needs, the subsequent development of curricula and the deployment and measurement of the return on investment, in terms of improved results and financial return will be key elements of the journal.

MEdSim will target the education and training of healthcare professionals from the colleges and universities, into their hospitals and throughout their careers. It will be a platform to inform these professionals of the need for, and the benefits of, a new approach to healthcare education and training, making best use of simulation and other technologies that improve patient care and safety and reduce cost.

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