Daneel Ariantho is an avatar born on the Agni Grid in Second Life three years ago. His user is a french hospital pharmacist.

For any question, please email @ : daneel[.]ariantho[@]gmail[.]com

This site is only about healthcare, chemistry and pharmacy in Second Life and all others digital worlds.

For others subjects Daneel Ariantho post on his first blog : Dannel Ariantho’s Digital Log.

It’s because …

Web 3D is ready : let’s go to explore it ! And … be crazy, have fun, code, draw. Explore this possibilities, there is so much to learn.

“Le Web 3.D est opérationnel: explorons-le !
Et puis … soyons fou, amusons-nous, codons, dessinons.
Explorons ces possibles, il y a tant à apprendre.”

And, of course, the best is yet to come …

“Second life will only be mature in about 10 years time.”
Philip Rosedale (CEO Linden Labs)

This blog is meant for virtual worlds residents and healthcare professionals. Its goal is to provide informations about the development of healthcare in 3D Internet.

The information provided on Daneel Ariantho’s Laboratory is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her physician.

No information about the visitors is collected (both personal and non-personal information), except the basic informations about traffic provided by wordpress.com.

This blog :

  • is personal and hosted without charge,
  • does not accept or host any advertisement,
  • is totally independent and I do not receive any grant or external funding.
  • respect the legal requirements, including, if necessary,
    those concerning medical and personal information privacy.

As soon as possible, reference to the sources are made in the posts.

Last modification : December 12th 2008

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