SL tools for chemistry

5 similar tools to rez molecules in Second Life (in order of appearence in SL) : the M4 (2 versions), the Troy’s scripts and the 2 Hiro’s molecule rezzers

  • M4 (Magical Molecular Model Maker)

    M4 v1
Owner: Nature (Jo Scott / Joanna Wombat in Second Life)

  • Troy’s Molecule Rezzer Scripts

    Troy's scripts in a prim

  • Hiro’s Molecule Rezzer


    Hiro's molecule Rezzer

  •  The new Hiro’s Molecule Rezzer : Orac



  • M4 (Magical Molecular Model Maker) version 2

M4 v2

One Response to SL tools for chemistry

  1. caslab says:

    Nice chemistry tools.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Columbia Analytical Services
    Does your drinking water contain hexavalent chromium?

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